New Acreage 'cancer cluster' lawsuit filed

New Acreage 'cancer cluster' lawsuit filed

PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. - Seven years after the Health Department declared a pediatric cancer cluster in The Acreage another lawsuit has been filed against industrial giant Pratt & Whitney.

In this lawsuit , West Palm Beach-based attorney Jack Scarola also accuses the Florida Department of Health and Florida Department of Environmental Protection of failing to properly study these cancer concerns.

The lawsuit, filed in U.S. Southern District, is on behalf of 24-year-old Kevin Tvenstrup.

According to the court records, Tvenstrup was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor last summer after living in The Acreage for more than  a decade.

His attorneys claim the state failed to properly test for specific radioactive contamination, ignored concerns voiced by its own people and neglected to hold Pratt & Whitney accountable for not cleaning up years' worth of toxic contamination in the area.

Tvenstrup's attorneys also claim the fact sheet issued by the Health Department after its independent studies falsely stated the community was safe.

This latest filing is the 21st lawsuit filed against United Technologies Corporation Pratt & Whitney over cancer concerns.

While the Florida Health Department declared a pediatric cancer cluster in The Acreage, it never found what caused the high rate of childhood cancers.

The Florida Department of Health stands by its study.

According to a spokesperson with Pratt & Whitney, the company stand by its position in previous filings claiming these lawsuits lack merit.

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