Todd Wodraska elected 1st new Jupiter mayor in 25 years

Todd Wodraska elected 1st new Jupiter mayor in 25 years


One race is still undecided in Jupiter after Tuesday's election. None of the candidates in the first district race received the 51 percent of the vote needed to win.

This means the top two candidates, Wayne Posner and Karen Golonka,  are heading to a runoff in two weeks.
Posner and Golonka will square for that one year term in the first district.

The mayoral race saw a clear winner. Todd Wodraska will be Jupiter's first new mayor in 25 years. He's served as on the town council since 2004.

The impact of growth and development is definitely something voters were talking about this election cycle.  Wodraska said he'll work to bring balance to Jupiter.

"Jupiter has a very well-earned reputation, tough on development, but we're not willing to say no. What we are willing to say is, 'Hey if you're going to bring a project into our community, how is that protect going to enhance our quality of life?'" said Wodraska

Only one incumbent won on Tuesday.  That was Jim Kuretski in the first district, who received a three-year term.


It's a big night in the town of Jupiter because the makeup of the town council could change dramatically.

Several major issues may end up deciding several key races, as four out of five council seats are up for grabs.

What voters decide could change the direction things are heading in Jupiter.

Issues like town growth and how to deal with Harbourside have taken center stage.

The election pits several newcomers against several incumbents

In the mayoral Race you have two candidates - Keats Soder, and current council member Todd Wodraska.

Both are looking to replace outgoing mayor Karen Golonka.

Golonka is running for a one year council term in the First District against Wayne Posner, and Carol Watson

Incumbent Jim Kuretski is seeking a three-year term in the First District; challenging him is Mike Counts.

Ben Klug, who was appointed to the council in 2015 after another council member resigned, is running for a one year term in the Second District.

Klug is running against Ron Delaney.

Voters heading into vote today say of all the issues, development was the one on their mind.

Major projects like Suni Sands and Love Street are leaving them torn.

"The congestion is going to make it difficult for people to get around, it's also going to take away from the charm of the area," says voter Warren Wiseman.

"I think the town of Jupiter has got a good handle on keeping it within bounds, and they do a good job," says voter Mary Giumetti. "I like their plan."

No matter the outcome, Tuesday will be the first time Jupiter will vote for a new mayor in decades.

Golonka has been serving as mayor since 1991.

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