GoFundMe account set up after mom killed, 5 kids hurt

GoFundMe account set up after mom killed, 5 kids hurt

Lenora Price was running errands with five of her children Saturday evening when their vehicle was hit head on at an intersection on Gardens Road in Riviera Beach.

Price died instantly.

Her five children are in the hospital with injuries which family members say will take months to heal. Two of the children, are in comas.

Now family members say the father of the youngest three is left with piles of medical bills, the funeral cost--and the burden of staying strong for the kids.

"He does break down sometimes but he doesn't do it in front of them. He walks away because they don't know, they still don't know about their mother. And we can't tell them yet," said grandmother Denise Williams.

The funeral is set for A week and a half from now, with the hope some of the children will be out of the hospital and able to attend by then.

A GoFundMe account has been set up to help the family cover costs.

The family has set up an account where people can donate at Wells Fargo. It's in the name Price-Radford.

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