Preparations are underway for Palm Beach International Boat Show

Preparations are underway for Palm Beach International Boat Show

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla.- Crews are setting up for the 31st Annual Palm Beach International Boat Show. Thousands are expected to attend the four-day event.

The boat show has the kind of prestige you only see in South Florida.

Crews are waxing, painting and prepping everything from custom fighting boats to yachts and they hail from around the globe.

Some of the boats are glamorous and lavish.

"It's not just like we can arrive and give her a quick wash and be done with it," said Aydan Longmore, a second officer aboard OKTO, A 217-foot yacht from Italy with satellites on top and an 18-foot pool on deck.

"[We're] making sure the boat's in top condition for the boat show, making sure she's squeaky clean and shiny," explained Longmore.

Chris Tonetti, from Brazil, is a crew member aboard another boat. He's waxing and compounding a 72-foot yacht while trying to stay cool.

"It's hard work because most of the time you stay under the sun," explained Tonetti.

There will be more than 71 vessels worth more than $1 billion and some of them are for sale.

There are also boats for every budget from 10-foot single consoles to 200-foot yachts.

"The waterfront is exceptional," said organizer Danny Grant.

It's estimated the boat show will create an economic impact of nearly $100 million this year.

"All the hotels are filled up," said Grant. "The taxis are working overtime, the florists the modeling agencies, all the local restaurants and bars."

Organizers estimate that 40,000 people will attend the event.

It opens at noon on St. Patrick's Day and runs through Sunday.

Admission is $21 for adults at the gate, $19 online and kids under 6 years old get in free.

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