Riviera Beach neighbors want illegal dirt bikes off streets

Riviera Beach neighbors want illegal dirt bikes off streets

RIVIERA BEACH, Fla. -- A dirt bike crash that killed Baltimore Ravens player Tray Walker has some people hoping dirt bike riders will stay off the streets.

"Why ride a dirt bike on the street first of all," asks Willie Parham. Parham says he's been riding motor bikes for 40 years,"the street is a lot harder than the dirt. Road rash is no fun."

In one Riviera Beach neighborhood illegal dirt bikes whizzing down streets is a common sight. Neighbor Shannelle Nelson says it's so common she's even seen a traffic crash involving a dirt bike.

"Right on the corner of Silver Beach and Avenue S," Nelson explained as she pointed down the road. "The guy was trying to swerve through some oncoming traffic and a car was turning onto S Avenue and hit him."

And like Tray Walker, neighbors say dirt bike riders are not wearing helmets and don't have lights.

"We have guys come on four wheelers, we have the dirt bikes, the motorcycles," Nelson said. "They're racing back and forth on both sides of the street. You have cars that will pull over just to let them pass so they don't hit them, or vice versa."

And the illegal habits of some riders are not going unnoticed.

"Not on the road," explained 5-year-old dirt bike rider James. "Some big people ride in the street and they want to catwalk (ride on the rear wheel only).

James knows not to ride in the street and he also knows how to stay safe while riding.

"Helmet. Goggles, so dirt don't get in your eye," James said. "And knee pads and these you can put on your elbows."

Even if you're wearing all the right safety gear, neighbors say the street is no place for dirt bikes.

"It's one of these things that eventually is gonna happen. No matter how you look at it," Parham said. "All these driveways, somebody can back out of a driveway anytime. You don't know it until it's too late."

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