Delray Beach matches last year's homicide count in first three months of 2016

Delray Beach matches last year's homicide count in first three months of 2016

DELRAY BEACH - There is a new plan to stop the violence in Delray Beach.

This comes after the city's third homicide of 2016, already matching 2015's homicide total.

Jamael Stewart will always consider Delray Beach home. He said the number of homicides in the city disturbs him.

"Whenever something destructive, or violent, happens in your home, it bothers you," he said.

Tuesday, 18-year-old Herman Denis was shot to death near SW 9th Street and SW 8th Avenue. It's Delray Beach's third homicide of the year. There were three is all of 2015.

Police say each case is isolated and not part of a trend toward more violence.

Stewart and a group of friends from Delray created a group to mentor children. Last month, after two homicides in February, they started working with students in elementary and middle schools.

Stewart explained showing kids the road to success is the key to stopping violence.

"We want to be able to raise all of our youth, so the streets don't have to raise them," he said.

"He was a nice person, always playing," remembered Ladeja Allen.

She still can't believe her friend, Denis, was killed two blocks from her home. The violence has her concerned about the future of the city.

"It's very scary, especially me having a daughter coming up," Allen said. "The next generation, who's to say they're not going to be worse? It's very scary, especially when it hits close to home like this."

Stewart says the future shouldn't be scary, if his group and others show that violence won't be accepted.

Officers arrested Jean Desty for killing Denis. No one has been arrested in the two other homicides in the city this year.

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