Suburban Boynton Beach purse snatching suspect caught, what three victims had in common

Suburban Boynton Beach purse snatching suspect caught, what three victims had in common

A man is in custody after a series of purse snatchings in Palm Beach County.

Detective said three women were targeted in suburban Boynton Beach, and now they are offering tips that could prevent other women from becoming victims.

It's the last thing on your mind, that you'd be robbed while doing some grocery shopping.  Jean Pasion shops every day. When walking to and from her car, her focus is on her toddler.

"I usually hold my daughter as I cross the street, that's really all my mind is on," said Pasion.

But distractions like using your cell phone, carrying your purse over the shoulder or leaving it in the car are the things detectives say make women targets.

"You know what's so sad, I feel like I'm safe out here and so I don't pay all that much attention," said Sharon Reis who admits being on her phone some times when walking out of the store.

At three different locations, the Walmart in the 4500 block of Hypoluxo Rd., the Publix in the 8800 block of Hypoluxo Rd., and in the 800 block of South Federal Hwy., three women were approached by a man Tuesday who snatched their purses and ran to a car waiting for him. The incidents happen during the day and at night. Detectives identified Chase Ahlborg, 23.

Detectives say if you must bring a purse with you, carry it under your arm close to your body, tucked in like a football. Don't leave it in your shopping cart. Avoid any distractions like using your phone or searching for your keys.

These are tips widow Norma Kohler says she's going to start using.

"I'm not very big I'm sure anyone could overpower me if they wanted to, but I don't carry cash, I take my credit cards," said Kohler.

Detectives say the Ahlborg confessed to all three purse snatchings, but they also say there was a car waiting for him at each incident. Anyone with information is asked to call the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office.

Detectives also stressing not to put yourself in danger. If a thief pulls your purse away from you, let go.

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