Organization promotes good food and good conversation

Organization promotes good food and good conversation

FORT PIERCE, Fla. - Martha Taylor started the Family Meals program in Fort Pierce by sorting food at her church.

"I realized that families don't really see each other anymore and really don't even know each other anymore," said Taylor.  "And we as a family have helped families during the holidays just on our own.  My son said, 'Why don't you start a not-for-profit so you can help a lot of people.'"

What's unique is that she encourages the families to eat the meals together and talk.

"We realized from family feedback that that a lot of families felt really awkward sitting at their family table because they are not used to it," said Taylor.

So to ease the awkwardness, she came up with questions for family members to ask each other.

"They are fun questions, like, 'Who is your favorite teacher?' and 'What was the best part of your day?' We are feeding the body and the soul," said Taylor.  "We also include simple meal time prayers so that families can pray together before the food."

In order to make the most of family time, volunteers deliver the food.

"We deliver the meals to the families so that the families can use the time that they would use to shop for the food, they would use that time with their families."

Three years ago she started feeding 20 families, now it's 1,000 families.

"We are passionate about families understanding the importance of sharing a family meal, less obesity, less drug abuse, higher self-esteem, better grades, less crime.  It just goes on and on by simply having a family meal," said Taylor.

Learn more about Family Meals in Fort Pierce on their Facebook page or send the organization an email at .

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