Local artist seeks Donald Trump's signature

Local artist seeks Donald Trump's signature

PALM BEACH, Fla. – For 15 days Chief Joseph the Eagle has spent a few hours each day parked on Bingham Island. But he's not here to simply show support for GOP candidate Donald Trump, he's here for something else.

"It would be nice if he signed my painting, " Joseph said.

Joseph's oil painting of a Trump in his forties is the center piece of his roadside display and it's definitely catching the eye of passersby.

"This is the most exciting part of my career ever. I'm here, people are coming giving me the thumbs up and blowing their horns," Joseph detailed. "Stopping, taking pictures, talking. It's been so exciting."

But it's Trump whom Joseph really wants to see stop and he's been close.

"Last Tuesday he came by with his entourage, but it was raining and thundering and lightning so I had to leave," recalled Joseph. "And as I was leaving his entourage came by, so I missed him by five minutes."

Still Joseph remains optimistic about obtaining the final touch needed to truly complete his painting.

"I think I'm gonna get his signature," said Joseph. "I think he'll stop. I think he's that type of a person."

We reached out to Trump's campaign for comment or a commitment for a signature, so far we have not heard back.

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