Great Dane rescued from tree

Great Dane rescued from tree

(WOWT, NBC NEWSCHANNEL) A 120-pound Great Dane stuck about 20 feet up a tree in Louisville, Nebraska was rescued Saturday night by members of the Plattsmouth Volunteer Fire Department.

PVFD crews, along with Elmwood Rescue, were covering the Louisville area so its personnel could attend their annual banquet when the unusual call came in.

Wes McGuirk couldn't find his dog when he came home, then heard a whimpering sound and noticed "Kora" in the tree.

"Dispatch was like, wait a minute, you have a what in a tree?" McGuirk recalls.

"Wanted to know if they were messing with us," says Jon Hardy of the Plattsmouth Fire Department.

The plan was to get a harness on Kora.

"It took two of us to put the harness on her," said McGuirk. "She wheeled down about halfway and then fell the rest of the way."

A team on the ground held a tarp to catch the dog. Some of the harness stitching came loose, but that's what the tarp was for. "We cushioned the fall pretty well and she just went into the house like nothing happened," said Hardy.

McGuirk believes Kora may have been chasing a raccoon after someone let her out. "I could see a cat getting stuck in a tree, but never a 120-pound dog. Never."

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