Woman says she is also cop impersonator's victim

Woman says she is also cop impersonator's victim

Another alleged victim of a 19-year-old accused of impersonating a police officer is coming forward.

The woman, too scared to share her identity, says she too is a victim of Cristian Leon.

A judge has granted the victim an injunction against Leon on grounds of sexual violence.

The victim claims her encounter with Leon happened hours before he was arrested for a different cop impersonation case.

"It was probably one of the, well, the scariest moment of my life," said the woman.

She filed an incident report with West Palm Beach alleging that on April 1st, around 1:30 a.m. a man, she later identified as Leon, pulled up in a police uniform while she was walking in Downtown West Palm Beach.

"He was dressed in a police uniform, he had the badge, the belt, gun, a walkie talkie on him it looked like he was in an undercover police car," she said. "He was like, yeah I'm a police officer for West Palm Beach and then he told me his name was Cristian," said the woman.

She says he offered to take her to the parking garage down the street where she was meeting her friend. She says she got in the car, but he did not stop at the parking garage.

"He's like, you're not getting out of this car until you do this for me and basically told me I was giving him oral sex or I wasn't getting out of the car," said the woman.

She says she tried to call for help, but was told to put her phone down. The woman claims she was able to escape when Leon pulled the car into the dark and empty tai-rail parking lot. She opened the lock on the door and ran out.

Hours later Leon was arrested by the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office for a difference case. That arrest report says he allegedly pulled a woman over on March 28th and asked her to show him her breasts.

After hearing about Leon's arrest and seeng his sketch, this second victim says she recognized him. It's unclear where her case stands right now. Leon has not been arrested for any new charges.

We tried to reach him at his home Tuesday to ask him about the injection granted by a judge,  but no one answered the door.
We have requested more information from the West Palm Beach Police Department on these new allegations. The State Attorney's Office says it cannot comment.

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