Are some farm fresh menu items, farm fresh fibs?

Are some farm fresh menu items, farm fresh fibs?

On a Wednesday afternoon last August, the Contact 5 Investigators were hungry for the truth about a local restaurant menu claim advertising fresh local heirloom tomatoes.

While another restaurant showcases local greens on a popular salad.

It's become the secret ingredient to restaurant success.

From tomatoes to shellfish, the Contact 5 Investigators found alcoholic beverages taking on the spirit of being marketed as farm fresh.

It's a movement so popular in the sunshine state at the most recent Florida Restaurant & Lodging Association trade show in Orlando even representatives from the Florida Department of Agriculture had a booth promoting restaurants buy and sell menu items that are fresh from a local farm.

"People do not want their food traveling from 1500 miles away," said department marketing representative Chris O'Neal.

But how do you really know it's not?

What the Contact 5 Investigators discovered when we started digging into local restaurant's farm fresh claims - a special Contact 5 Investigation airs Thursday at 11pm only on NewsChannel 5.

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