Lake Osborne boil water extended

Lake Osborne boil water extended

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U.S. Water Services is now putting up individual boil water notices on people's doors in the Lake Osborne Estates over E.coli.

The samples that came back Wednesday were still not clear, so residents can expect to be under the boil water notice until at least Friday, according to the company.

This comes after families say they were not told about the danger in their drinking water for almost a week.

Around 5 o-clock Wednesday night, U.S. Water Services began hanging notices on the doors of homes  in the Lake Osborne Estates advising people they need to boil their water.
"It's way too little too late. I mean E.coli."
Those individual notices come one day after NewChannel 5 broke this story.
"When the spotlight was put on them, yeah they got off their tails and did something," said William Coakley, a resident in the Lake Osborne Estates.
Hundreds of people in the community say they were drinking contaminated water and didn't know it.
"Its outrageous," said Coakley.
When the notices finally did go out nearly a week after the samples were taken, they didn't go out to the individual customers.
"Not knowing for those days when I was using for showering, we were washing dishes with it, and clothes."
The Palm Beach County Health Department says U.S. Water Services did follow protocol.

"As far as public notices are concerned they did meet those criteria," said Tim O'Connor, with the Health Department.

Even though the original notices only went to the health department, one news station, the voluntary neighborhood association and up on a few websites. 
"How do you respond to the people that these rules need to be stricter," asked NewsChannel 5's Alyssa Hyman.

"We are not saying this is sufficient. We are saying we are taking a re-look at it to see if they did enough to notify their client base," said O'Connor.
All of this stems from a water line break last Thursday.

The water never lost pressure, so the boil notice wasn't required until the samples came back positive on Sunday.

However, it still leaves many questioning why this wasn't required in the first place and sooner.
"It's still under investigation. This is not a closed issue at this time."

Meanwhile, U.S. Water Services says it has also notified all three stations now and has been following the recommendations from the health department.

The company says it is also setting up clean water distribution centers for families to pick up bottled water.

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