Event celebrating Corey Jones' life held in PBG

Event celebrating Corey Jones' life held in PBG

Encouraging peace, unity and healing, that was the goal behind an event Saturday afternoon in Palm Beach Gardens.

Unrelated to politics, the event aimed to bring people together a year after the killing of Corey Jones.

Folks were invited to take part in the painting of a giant canvas designed to spell out the word unity.

There were also activities, games and food.

Corey's family members were in attendance and said that unity is a perfect word to describe what corey was all about.

"Unity - it represents who Corey was. Corey wasn't just involved with his family he was involved with the community, all diverse different types of people, different types of events he played for churches, festivals, so that is what this is all about. We want to celebrate who he was," said Sheila Banks, Corey's aunt.

The city hopes to encourage other communities to hold unity events of their own.

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