Attorney: Harrouff wasn't on flakka, bath salts

Attorney: Harrouff wasn't on flakka, bath salts

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Austin Harrouff's attorney said Wednesday there is no evidence that is client was under the influence of bath salts or flakka the night of a deadly double homicide he is charged with committing in Martin County.

Harrouff's attorney, Nellie King, said in a statement Wednesday:

"The report shows that Harrouff had several drugs in his system that were medically introduced to him at the hospital for treatment purposes, as well as minimal levels of THC, the active ingredient in marijuana. Results also show ethanol, or alcohol, was detected by staff at St. Mary's Hospital and the FBI Lab, the source of which has not been identified.  Law enforcement has indicated Harrouff may have ingested solvents or some other toxic solution when he was in the couple's garage, liquids which could have contained alcohol and which shed light on Harrouff's severe medical injuries, including  damage to his esophagus and internal organs."

The full report in the Harrouff case is expected will be released to the public Wednesday.

Toxicology results requested by the Martin County Sheriff's Office are included in the report.

Deputies said in August Harrouff killed a Martin County couple, Michelle Karen Mishcon, 53, and her husband John Stevens III, 59, in their garage near Tequesta.

MCSO says Harrouff also stabbed a neighbor who tried to save the victims.

Harrouff's charges include two counts of second-degree murder and attempted first-degree murder with a weapon.

The Martin County Sheriff's Office requested the FBI test Harrouff to see if he was impaired during the attack.

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