Warning for shoppers on Cyber Monday

Warning for shoppers on Cyber Monday

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As people hit big and small box stores, millions of others are planning to shop online for Cyber Monday.

However with so many buying on the internet there are also more security risks.

It's more common these days to skip the lines on Black Friday and head online during the holidays.

"Better selection online," says Jennifer Friedman.

Friedman says Cyber Monday is her shopping method.

"Looking for products from big box stores. Cyber Monday is a good day to go shop."

WPTV Internet Security Expert Alan Crowetz with Infostream says it's important to be aware of hackers and scammers as you surf the web looking for deals.

"Watch out for the too good to be true," says Crowetz.

He says shop on trusted sites and give as little information as possible. Also look for sites with the https.

Meanwhile Jennifer says once Monday comes around, she'll be taking all these precautions and then double-checking once her shopping is done.

"I check my credit card statements to make sure we haven't been compromised if I do shop online," says Friedman.

Crowetz says try to use a credit card when shopping online due to better recourse.

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