FPL customers to see rate increase come January

FPL customers to see rate increase come January

Florida Power and Light got the green light to raise our rates.

The increase would mean an average $5 dollar increase on a typical monthly bill next year and a 12% increase by 2020.
FPL plans to invest in fuel efficient technologies, solar power and changes to its power grid that the company claims would better withstand severe weather.

FPL also says the upgrades would mean fewer and shorter power outages.
Carol Bishop is a hard-working single mom of two. "I'm the bread winner," said Bishop.

That comes with the need to provide for her children.

Come January, her FPL bill will increase by an average of $5 a month.

"To go to that extent, to that high amount, is dramatic for a family like myself," explained Bishop.

And by 2020, her bill will go up about $9.50 a month.

"With that increase on our bill i don't see how we'll be able to maintain our other bills, our living expenses and other things like that," said Bishop.

Increases the utility claims will keep customer rates lower down the line.

"Wherever they're taking their resources and they using their money, how is it benefiting me?" said Kevin Baker, of West Palm Beach.

He's lived in the Coleman Park section for nearly 30 years.

"If you look around there hasn't been a lot of upgrades done in this neighborhood, especially on this street," said Baker.

Baker told me his power regularly flickers and never seems to get fixed.

"It could be a windy day like today and my power would go off just like it's a hurricane coming," said Baker. "So, tell me about that."

It's $5 a month Carol Bishop says is just too much. "I may find myself going to these other organizations that can help me to keep my lights on and i shouldn't have to do that," said Bishop.

FPLl customers will see the base rate increase on their first bill in January.

For an estimate of how much the increase will cost you, click here.

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