LIVE: Dippolito murder-for-hire retrial

LIVE: Dippolito murder-for-hire retrial

Closing arguments are expected to start Monday in the murder-for-hire retrial of Dalia Dippolito.

The defense is planning on calling at least one more witness before giving their closing arguments. On Friday, lead attorney Brian Claypool did not rule out if Dippolito taking the stand.

The defense questioned several members of the Boynton Beach Police Department Friday.

Claypool says Boynton Beach police set up Dippolito to make themselves famous on the show "COPS" and that Dippolito never intended to have her husband killed.

"This case is bigger than Dalia Dipolitto," Claypool told NBC's "Today" show. "It's about holding law enforcement nationwide accountable for following the rules."

The state argues video of her, speaking to an undercover officer and pseudo hitman proves otherwise.

Jurors could have the case late Monday or Tuesday.

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