Jury expected to deliberate Dippolito case today

Jury expected to deliberate Dippolito case today

Jurors in the Dalia Dippolito retrial are expected to begin deliberations Tuesday, which means a verdict could be reached before the day is over.

Proceedings will begin with the state giving its rebuttal before the case goes to the jury and they'll decide if Dippolito is guilty of trying to hire a hitman to kill her husband.

Monday's testimony concluded with the defense giving its closing arguments. Dippolito chose not to testify in her trial.

Before testimony wrapped up, a controversial piece of video made its way into evidence.

Showing a staged crime scene crafted to capture Dippolito's reaction to finding out her husband was dead.

Defense attorneys tried to keep that evidence out of court.

After the state's rebuttal, the judge will give the jury final instructions and deliberations will begin.

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