Horse's head found floating in Acreage canal

Horse's head found floating in Acreage canal

Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control Officers came across a disturbing discovery after a tip was called in Monday night. A horse's head and tail were found floating in a canal off Citrus Grove Boulevard and 130th avenue in the Acreage.

"We feel this was slaughtered, otherwise it would still be attached the horse," said Capt. David Walesky, Operations Manager for Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control.

"I think it's atrocious. I think it's criminal," said Steve Banks who has been living in the neighborhood for 7 years. "We have horses all around here and most people, for the most part they adore them."

Capt. Walesky says after only finding the horse's head, officers are investigating this incident as an illegal horse slaughter. Illegal horse killings are shocking reality in the western communities. In October 2015 three farms allegedly slaughtering horses in Loxahatchee were raided. Walesky believes people are still killing horses for their meat. 

"It's not openly being done because people are more aware that it's illegal and they are protecting their interest," said Walesky.

Walesky says right now they don't believe to have any reports of missing horses. A staff veterinarian is trying to determine how long the horse's head may have been in the canal and what the horse's natural color, sex, and age was.

Animal Care and Control cautions horse owners to research organization and buyers, before they sell or donate their horses.

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