Vero teen helps rescue swimmers in distress

Vero teen helps rescue swimmers in distress

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Just one day after Christmas and we found beach-goers still soaking up the sun at the Sebastian Inlet Monday. Though red flags were flying and many swimmers were staying out of the water.

It was a similar story the day before.

That's when beach-goers say two swimmers got caught in the current. And it was a Vero Beach teenager who came to the rescue.

"It was just a reaction and I remembered everything to do," said Emily Shepherd.

The 17-year-old happen to be out surfing that day with her father and noticed the two swimmers in distress.
"They were bobbing up and down and I was a little concerned."

Without wasting any time, Emily grabbed her board and started swimming to help.

"I think the scariest thing, when I got to them I saw the fear in their eyes."

Emily was working to rescue the younger boy while her father and another surfer helped the other gentleman.

She said both swimmers made it back to shore exhausted and out of breath, but alive.

"I just did everything I was taught," said Emily thinking back to a lifeguarding camp she once took.

Emily says this is an important reminder that the water can be dangerous even if the sun is shining.

Emily says it turned out that the younger boy was in trouble first and the other gentleman went to help but got caught in the current too.

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