Jupiter man victim of scam, locked up

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It took the perfect opportunity, to convince former banker Julius Malinowski to come out of retirement. It was the opportunity to work as an international agent for BB&T Wealth Management.

Julius said they told him, "You get first class ticket, airplane ticket, first class hotel accommodations, travel the world."

"You just have to take a contract to a client. Review it with them, if they like it, they sign it and that's your job. 4 days a month get paid for that, I can do that. That's how I got involved with them," said Julius.

Julius delivered papers to Australia, no problem. But then he was sent to South Korea to meet a client, Mr. Quan. Mr. Quan became suspicious.

"After lunch we went to his car and there were the police. They said you're under arrest. I said for what? I haven't done anything. He said you're involved in a scam. They took me downtown, interrogated me for 3 days," said Julius.

Julius was found guilty by association, even though he had no idea what he was doing was wrong.

"It took them 2 days, for the international crime group to convince me they were scammers. I was wholeheartedly in believing in this group."

The South Korean authorities wouldn't let him go.

"I was in a room 8 x 10 feet wide and long with 4 other individuals. And the walls were covered in black mold, the ceiling is covered with black mold," said Julius.

Julius spent 45 days in detention, while his son Kent worked to get him out.

Julius eventually plead guilty to fraud, and made it home for the New Year.

"Judge says we are going to sentence you for one year, 2 months but we are going to suspend sentence for time served," said Julius.

Because Julius plead guilty to fraud, he is not allowed to travel to South Korea for at least the next 2 years. He says that won't be a problem.

The FBI is now investigating the scam.

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