Some say 2017 can't come soon enough

Some say 2017 can't come soon enough

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The countdown to the new year has begun,and for some 2017 can't come soon enough.

Wednesday we said goodbye to yet another beloved celebrity. Debbie Reynolds died just one day after her daughter, Star Wars star Carrie Fisher, died too.

Their deaths seemed to be the final straw that left people fed up with all of the frustrating news of this year.

It was evident on social medial with hashtag like #2016sucks.

NewsChannel 5 found plenty of folks who shared the sentiment.

"2016 was I think a pretty rough year for me," said Isabella Pezzulo.

"It was just a mediocre year," said her father Mr. Pezzulo.

Most people pointed fingers at the recent political climate, coupled with consecutive and devastating celebrity deaths.

While the year may have caused some stress, stress expert Terry Lyles says there are ways to manage and move forward.

"Narrow it down to what I can control, what affects me, and what can I do about it today," said Lyles  because that's really all I can control."

Though, there already seems to be optimism as we bring in the New Year.

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