PBC Sales tax increase takes effect Sunday

PBC Sales tax increase takes effect Sunday

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Starting New Years Day, Palm Beach County shoppers will be paying more in sales tax. A one-cent sales tax increase takes effect Sunday after voters approved the raise in November.

The tax is expected to generate roughly 2.7 billion dollars over the next ten years. 50 percent going to schools the rest going to the county and municipalities.

Joel Paige of Palm Beach Gardens knows county schools have a plan in place for the money, but it's the other 50 percent that concerns him.

"Outside the school system," says Paige. "Making sure the money is being spent to make sure it's being spent fairly and evenly distributed."

County Commissioner Hal Valeche says there are many needs such as roads, public safety and infrastructure improvements.

So when can we expect to see some improvements?

"I think almost immediately because we have reserves that we know we are going to be replenished by sales tax money," says Valeche.

To make sure the money is well spent, commissioners approved a 19 member oversight committee to monitor the money.

Joel is confident this will alleviate his concerns.

"They'll be able to stretch that money a long way."

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