Florida 'Move Over' crashes increase in 2016

Florida 'Move Over' crashes increase in 2016

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Sheriff deputies say drivers failing to move over for first responders is a problem they are facing daily.

Move over crashes increased nearly 40 percent in 2016.

Palm Beach County had six total crashes where drivers failed to move over.

The law says drivers must move over a lane for first responders or slow down to 20 mph.

Traffic Deputy Eric Day with the Martin County Sheriff's Office was out making sure people were obeying the law Thursday night.

Day says it happens daily because drivers may be distracted or don't even know it's against the law.

"People just straight up tell me I had no idea," says Day.

Fortunately Martin County made it through 2016 without any move-over crashes, but the rest of the state wasn't so lucky.

Day says this should open peoples eyes, but he knows law enforcement will work especially hard to do it's part.

"Just making educational traffic stops talking to people we go with warnings, but we're just trying to up our interactions with the public to let them know that we're not there to pester you but people need to know the move over law is based on safety."

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