Brightline testing trains in the track

Brightline testing trains in the track

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Jim Kovalsky and Tom Byrne love to talk about their favorite subject, trains.

"I've been interested in trains since I was a little boy," Jim said. 

Both men are members of the Florida East Coast Railway Society. They have been keeping close tabs on the Brightline train. A fast passenger train that is now testing on the tracks throughout West Palm Beach.

Within a couple of hours, they saw for themselves the train they can't wait to ride.

"This is the first time that this passenger train has run on this new track and that's why everybody is so excited. We are able to see this and it's something brand new," said Tom Byrne also with the Florida East Coast Railway Society. 

The train will offer fast travel between Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach and Orlando. Traveling between 80 to 125 miles per hour.

Jim plans to turn his train travels into a vacation.

"I plan to take it to Orlando plan to jump on the train here and go to Lauderdale for dinner and back. Go to Miami for the weekend or for the evening. I see it as a tremendous boom to all of the area."

Testing will continue for several weeks. The train is scheduled to start taking passengers mid-year.

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