Local NFL player says Super Bowl tickets stolen

Local NFL player says Super Bowl tickets stolen

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WEST PALM BEACH, Fla--Do the right thing, that's the plea from a local NFL player and his mom after they say two Super Bowl tickets were stolen.

"I was distraught about it. My mom called me on the phone crying," says Cre'von Leblanc over the phone, a former FAU turned Chicago Bears' cornerback.

Cre'von Leblanc asked his mom to mail two Super Bowl tickets to him.

"The face value of the tickets is $1,100 a piece," his mom says, who asked we not identify her by name or show her face, worried about retribution.

She says she had the tickets in a FedEx envelope, ready to pay, when she realized the envelope was empty. She says she dropped them when she walked into the store.

"I was devastated. I was actually devastated. I just broke down and started crying," his mom says.

Another woman in the store making copies said she saw a man walk in and kick his leg out, nearly falling down.

"He reached down and picked something up," she says.  "He gave it a look like 'wow' and put it with whatever was in his hand."

As the story goes, the man looked around to see if anyone was watching before walking out with them.

Leblanc's mother called West Palm Beach police.

"You would think someone would say did anyone drop something? Not be slick enough to put your foot over it or whatever and then just take them," she says.

"I just want the tickets, that's all," Leblanc says.

Leblanc says they've already notified the NFL, and the tickets have been blocked. So if they are scanned to get into the game, they won't work.

There is surveillance video from inside the FedEx, we are waiting for police to release it.

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