Wildlife experts warn about helping wild animals

Wildlife experts warn about helping wild animals

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A rescue caught on camera. David Hitzig with Busch Wildlife Sanctuary saving a coyote two years ago. The coyote somehow made it's way to this homeowner's boat dock. The coyote tried to hide under the dock.

It's one of a handful of unexpected places coyotes have been spotted. Just this morning a severely injured coyote was caught in John Prince Park in Lake Worth.

"When people look at John Prince Park, it seems that's not the place you would find a coyote," said Hitzig.

Animal Care and Control says the animals are spotted where you least expected to find them.

"These coyotes can be found in any area of Palm Beach County these days. We find them in unusual situations. In storm culverts, under docks, swimming in the Intracoastal. There's a blossoming population and people don't realize that they are there. Just because you don't see them doesn't mean they are not there," said Captain Dave Walkesky with ACC.

Experts aren't sure exactly why they are showing up in certain locations.

"This time of year animals like bobcats and foxes and coyotes have babies. Mom needs to get away from the babies for me time, she will lay out in someone's backyard," said Hitzig.

If you find an injured coyote, contact the Busch Wildlife Sanctuary in Jupiter. 561-575-3399.

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