Judge to issue written ruling on Harrouff video

Judge to issue written ruling on Harrouff video

UPDATE: The judge will issue a written ruling. It may come today or within next few days.


On Wednesday, a judge will hear arguments on whether to make public the interview Austin Harrouff gave to the Dr. Phil Show.


WPTV NewsChannel 5 filed a motion to have his interview released.

The Doctor Phil Show has not aired the interview, but it is part of the prosecution's case against Harrouff.

Horrouff is the teenager the Martin County Sheriff's Office claims ambushed and killed John Stevens and Michelle Mishcon in their Martin County garage, then chewed the flesh of the couple last August.

Investigators say Harrouff also attacked a good Samaritan who tried to stop the killings. Jeff Fisher survived the stabbing.

Before deputies were able to arrest Harrouff, they say he swallowed something that caused internal injuries.

Toxicology results show Harrouff did not have any synthetic drugs in his system the August night he is accused of killing Stevens and Mishcon.

He did test positive for small traces of THC in marijuana, and ethanol or alcohol.

Harrouff's mother says her son believed he had super powers, according to an investigation released by Jupiter Police.

Harrouff provided the interview to Dr. Phil from his hospital room as he was recovering from the attack.

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