Pet of the Week Tucker

Meet our Peggy's Pick of the Week Tucker. He's a 5-year-old domestic shorthair who is up for adoption at Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League.

Here's a special message from Tucker:

Are you looking for love?

"Why yes I am" you say? Well you've come to the right place because around here, they call me the Love Bug.

Do you enjoy lounging in your pj's on weekends?

"Heck ya!"you answer? Then I'm your man! I'm all for snuggling on the couch and binge watching your favorite TV show. And hey, I won't even judge you if you choose not to shower for a few days. Game of Thrones anyone?!

Does your lap ever get cold?

"All the time" you reply? I have the perfect solution – me! I'm a pro at keeping laps warm. No lap shall go cold in my house!

Do you drool in your sleep?

It's okay, you don't have to answer if you're too embarrassed. But I'll still love you all the same if you do, it's adorable right? Psssst, I drool too when I'm getting attention from you…it makes me happy :) Adopt me and make me the happiest and drooliest cat alive!

Learn more about the foster program here. 

About Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League: Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League is a limited-admission humane society and provides services to over 30,000 cats, dogs, puppies and kittens each year. Operating continuously since 1925, we have been positively impacting animal welfare and addressing overpopulation in Palm Beach County through a variety of services.

Our Vision is to create a community where 100% of the adoptable animals find loving homes and no animals will be euthanized because of pet overpopulation.

Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League, Humane Society of the Palm Beaches, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and does not receive funding from city, county, state, or the federal government, or local organizations with similar names. We rely solely on the generosity of individuals, foundations and corporations to provide quality programs and services to the community. Your donations directly support the services and programs in place to help animals in need.

The Mission of the Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League of the Palm Beaches, Incorporated is to provide shelter to lost, homeless and unwanted animals, to provide spay and neuter and other medical services for companion animals, and to care for, protect, and find quality homes for homeless and neglected companion animals, to advocate animal welfare, community involvement and education to further the bond between people and animals.