Gas price wars ensue after Wawa moves to PBC

How low will it go?

Gas prices at two major Palm Beach County intersections spent the day below two dollars, well under the national and Florida average.

The simple explanation is competition.

The first three Wawas in Palm Beach County opened up Thursday, setting their gas price at $1.99 per gallon. They're locations: 1) intersection of Lake Worth and Congress in Palm Springs. 2) intersection of Congress and Forest Hill in Palm Springs 3) 7200 block of Garden Road in Riviera Beach.

Adjacent gas stations in Palm Springs followed, setting their prices at $1.99.

"$1.99, this helps out a lot," a driver told us

A 7-Eleven at Congress and Forest Hill says business inside its store jumped 70% today. Instead of their daily truck load of fuel, they needed three to keep up with the $1.99 fuel demand.

But at the Racetrack at Congress and Lake Worth a slower day, a manager said.

The discounted price only lasted a half day at the adjacent Speedway.

"It's the least crowded. I'll be in an out faster and for a quarter it's worth it," said Atlantis resident Gene Arnold.

"I was at work and everyone was talking about it," another driver told us.

Palm Springs police kept the peace at the Wawa pumps, as cars did the usual gas station shuffle.

"I would have waited an hour to get this price," another driver tells us.

The big question: how long will the prices stay this low?

A call to corporate wasn't returned, and a manager at one of the local Wawa's wasn't sure.

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