Emergency order posted at PSL house

Emergency order posted at PSL house

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It's been almost two months after police officers discovered a Port St. Lucie teenager living in deplorable conditions.
City officials say they've now been forced to take action since there has been no effort to clean up.

Friday afternoon, Port St. Lucie city officials posted an emergency order on the Ladner St. home. The order essentially says if the homeowners don't clean up outside, the city will come and do it for them. And they have 48 hours to do it or else the city will action on Monday

Carmen Capezzuto, the city's Neighborhood Services Director, says the property has become a safety and health hazard to the community.

"Our plan is to be back here Monday morning to start using city forces to clean up this property," said Capezzuto.

For now, Capezzuto says they only has the authority to address the issues outside, but there still seems to be a much bigger problem inside the home.

The city is already considering the steps to address those issues.

"Foreclosure could be a possibility, or through our regular nuisance abatement process," said Capezzuto.

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