Monitoring your child's internet activity

Monitoring your child's internet activity

The middle school teacher accused in child pornography case, prompted a internet safety expert to urge parents to know what their kids see and post online.

FOX 29 Internet Safety Expert Alan Crowetz has a warning. "Watch your kid on the computer, and find out what they are doing."

The expert says parents should know what their youngsters are doing online. Educating children to be cautious online could help prevent them being a victim.

"Notice who they are talking to, maybe even have access to their accounts, be friends with them on Facebook and on Instagram so that you can see what they are posting and who is responding," Crowetz said.

For some it may seem extreme for parents to manage what their children post online, but Crowetz says having heart to heart conversations is a must.

"We teach our children look both ways before crossing the street, don't talk to strangers. But no one thinks twice about teaching their child cyber security. There needs to be a level of caution."

Psychologist Dr. Rachel Needle says parents must set boundaries for their children when they go online.

"I think always keep the lines of communication open with your child, ask open ended questions, instead of probing. Make it a safe environment," said Neddle. 

Dr. Rachel Needle/Licensed Psychologist

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