Community helps Korean War veteran

Community helps Korean War veteran

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Not even 10 days ago I went to Korean War veteran Edgar Pizzaro's house and showed you his roof. It was falling apart, leaking and in danger of collapsing. On top of that, Pizzaro is fighting Parkinson's disease.
So after seeing his story, nine local companies came together to make a difference.

Edgar Pizarro is finally getting the help he has needed for years.
Pizarro and his son Alberto lived under a rotted roof with water pouring down on them every time it rained.
"it was heartbreaking to see a veteran in a bed like that while there's water dripping in on him and his son trying to find somewhere dry for himself to sleep while he's taking care of him. It just hit me in the heart, made me get up and do something," said Marine Corps veteran Chris Bossler.

Bossler decided to do something big. "I knocked up on the door and I asked him if this was the gentleman I saw on the news, and he said, 'yes sir.' And I said, "I've been driving around looking for you for an hour and a half, but I said, "I found the house, rest assured I'll be getting a hold of you on Monday, you'll be getting a new roof.'"

And in just a few days Bossler did more than worry about the roof. He convinced local companies to donate materials and other contractors to install new gutters and even rip out the moldy walls and put new drywall in.

Pizzaro's children are grateful that dad will be safe and dry.

Bossler's roofing crew spent the entire day making sure that the house would be completely waterproof.

Over the next week, others will get the rest of the house taken care of.
Even the Village of Palm Springs pitched in, with employees covering the permitting costs.

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