PBC job market feels squeeze by technology

PBC job market feels squeeze by technology

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The warning form experts at Monday's "Managing the Disruption" conference is clear: Technology is replacing jobs at an increasing rate. It's something that's already felt at the job market in Palm Beach County.

"(Technological skill) is not asked - it's required," said Nicole Anderson from West Palm Beach, who was at the job fair on Tuesday.

Experts are warning that in the near future a worker can't rely on the same skill set for an entire career. Instead workers will have to constantly be learning.

"I'll have to keep learning for the rest of my life, for the rest of my career," said Michael Chronicle.

Chronicle just invested in an internet technology boot camp to enhance his chances of getting a new job, despite the fact he already has a bachelors degree in the field.

"With what I knew from the past, I'm just not marketable enough," chronicle said.

Anderson, who has been a lab technician for 13 years, said the same is true for the medical profession.

"Technology changes by the hour, minute and second," Anderson said.

For the mother of two it meant branching out and doing whatever job she can get for now.

"I do bartending, cashiering," Anderson said. "You take the pay cut because you know you need the money."

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