Beach visitors warned after 2 shark incidents

Beach visitors warned after 2 shark incidents

Two shark incidents are under investigation. The closest at Melbourne Beach.

Shark experts say people up and down the Atlantic Coast must be aware when they go into the water.

At South Beach Park in Vero Beach, RoAnn Cook has only seen one shark in her life. "12-18 inches long."

After hearing of two attack just north of her, she doesn't want to see another.

"Hopefully that was the only one for a long time," says Cook.

Vero Beach Ocean Rescue is aware, though they hadn't spotted any sharks Tuesday.

"We're ready to respond," says lifeguard Tim Capra.

Experts say sharks have stuck around a little longer due to colder temperatures up north.

Capra says it's important to be aware of your surroundings and don't wear jewelry.

"Nothing flashy and if you so see little bait fish jumping, just get out," says Capra.

Shark experts say they're still doing research on what times of the day sharks swim closer to shore, but say generally avoid swimming at night, dawn and dusk.

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