Local police agencies pay tribute to dispatchers

Local police agencies pay tribute to dispatchers

Michael Peak, Communications Supervisor with the West Palm Beach Police Department, has been a dispatcher for 30 years.

He's answered his share of emergency calls. This one sticks with him.

"I discovered that his daughter had recently passed away and his idea was he wanted to join her by committing suicide. I got his location and he told me he was on the top of a parking building downtown on the parking garage on the roof."

Peak talked him out of it and got him some help. He also recalled this unusual 911 call.

"He got put in a dryer. I'm like who got put in a dryer, and the mother got on the phone, apparently the lady had put her bunny rabbit in the dryer, but the bunny rabbit survived and was taken to an animal hospital."

Last year, these dispatchers answered more than 300-thousand calls.

"We are the first response in a sense because we are the first person that you talk to that ear that you need and the link to get the officers, paramedics and firefighters out to them."

"It's a job that takes us away from our families, takes us away from birthdays and football games, recitals, it's our job that we do it and we love it."

National Public Safety Tele communicators Week is April 9 through April 15.

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