Sheriff's deputy donates kidney to coworker

Sheriff's deputy donates kidney to coworker

Heidi Grob gets emotional every time she talks about her new best friend.

"The center of the story is Michele because she is so selfless, she's angelic." She has no quams whatsoever giving it up. didn't even hesistate," said Heidi.

A doctor told Heidi her kidneys were barely working. She needed dialysis and a transplant. Heidi reached out to employees at the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office last year after no one in her family was a match for the transplant.

Incredibly, her angel Deputy Michele Shaffer, a canine handler at the airport, was a match and willing to share.

Deputy Shaffer said, "I told Heidi back in December, January before I got started going further and I said you know I'm going to be giving you a kidney. She would sit there and giggle and laugh and she would say we'll see."

On April 10, the women had the surgery in Miami. The surgery was a success. As the women recover at home, they have a message.

"They told me that I saved two lives. I saved Heidi's life and I moved someone else one step higher on the kidney donation list. My goal is to have one person step up the way I did," said Deputy Shaffer.

Heidi is forever grateful for what the deputy did for her.

"I've met people other recipients that have been on dialysis for 6, 7, 8 years and they weren't able to get on the list and their health deteriorated very sad. so more people that can step up and help. I love her to death. We've got a brand new bond and we are kidney sisters."

Heidi told FOX 29 her kidneys were severely damaged due to cancer treatments she received when she was 11-years-old.

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