Suspect in violent attack rejects plea deal

Suspect in violent attack rejects plea deal

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MARTIN COUNTY, Fla.-The teenager the Martin County Sheriff claims attacked a mother and son after jumping through the front window of her home rejected a plea bargain today.

This morning, Nico Gallo, 19, told the judge he would rather stand trial than accept a plea deal he and his lawyer negotiated with the state: five years in prison, 10 years probation.

Gallo's uncle, Marco Gallo, told us he had a last-minute change of heart.

"Instead of just being thrown into jail for the next five years, [we're] trying to find another solution where he'd be able to be back out and be a productive member of society," explained Marco Gallo.

After saying no to the plea agreement, Gallo asked for a new attorney. The judge appointed him a public defender.

Gallo's next court date is May 16.

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