More bars offering 'shot' to keep women safe

More bars offering 'shot' to keep women safe

There's one shot women are ordering at bars and restaurants that's helping them stay safe. In a world where online dating is the new norm, some bars and clubs are finding discreet ways for women to ask for help if they don't feel safe.

It might be coming soon to a bar near you. A code word that sounds like you're ordering a shot, but really you're asking your bartender to come to the rescue.

"I'm a bartender and there's always ladies out there that are doing Tinder and stuff, sometimes they get creeped out," said Tia Manasco.

The word about the movement is spreading in women's bathrooms at restaurants and bars. It's being used in the United Kingdom and South Africa. More bars and restaurants in the United States are picking up on it. Staff will put up flyers in the stalls letting women know if they are in trouble, there's one shot thy can order that will help them.

If a woman orders an 'angel shot' it tells the bartender she needs someone to escort her to her car. If she orders it on ice, it means she needs a cab or an Uber called, if she orders it with lime, the bartender will know to call the police.

"I think it's actually really good that people are becoming more aware of it," said Marine Malisetyan, Assistant General Manager at Banko Cantina in West Palm Beach.

Banko Cantina is a popular restaurant and club in Downtown West Palm Beach. Management is considering implementing a the 'angel shot' movement.

"On our watch, everybody should feel safe," said Malisetyan.

Malisetyan said bartenders are already trained to look out for red flags displayed by female customers.

"If they start talking more to the bartender than their date, there's something there, or they move their drink away from their date," said Malisetyan.

Women are raving about the "angel shot" movement on social media, hoping this safe escape route for uncomfortable situations catches on.

"That's really good because instead of them [women] waiting for them [dates] to go to the bathroom which may never happen, they can just order a shot," added Manasco

If the restaurant or bar you're at does not offer an angel shot on the menu, find a way to let someone know you don't feel safe. Most bars and clubs can get a staff member to walk you to your car or call someone for help.

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