Budget deal would reimburse Presidential visits

Budget deal would reimburse Presidential visits

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Local law enforcement is getting some backup of their own.
Congress has approved a budget that includes millions to help agencies protect President Donald Trump when he comes to town.

The bill covers expenses from the day after the election last year through September of this year. 
It includes $61 million dollars for local enforcement at his home here in Palm Beach County as well as in New York City. 
Congresswoman Lois Frankel, whose district includes Mar-a-Lago, says she's happy for the funding but worries about the future.
"This is an unprecedented amount of money being spent on the president's protection because of his frequent visits," she says.

US Congressman Ted Deutsch says the measure is just a start.

"This is a good step, but it's just a step," he says. 
Congressman Deutsch says he also has his concerns moving forward. 
"I don't believe that we should have to carve out funding from the American taxpayers in every budget to pay those costs, especially when he's coming to this private club."

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