May Day demonstrations in Lake Worth

May Day demonstrations in Lake Worth

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More than a hundred people gathered in Lake Worth Monday to march for immigrant rights.

One family told NewsChannel 5 they believe a lot of people did not come out to the march because they are afraid to leave their homes.

The fear of deportation is very real in local communities and that's the reason people gathered Monday for the march.

Those who marched, held signs saying "Immigrants build the economy," "No human is illegal," and one sign read, "No ban, no wall, no raids."

People in the community have been concerned about the presence of Border Patrol and arrests.

"It's sad that sometimes some of my family have been deported, but it's good to know my parents, they have papers, but I have other family members that they don't, they have been deported and it's really sad to see like, cousins of mine that they don't have their parents," said 15-year-old Eileen Benitez.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has confirmed 76 arrests in South Florida, but claim they were criminal illegal immigrants.

During targeted enforcement operations, ICE agents also encounter other illegal immigrants and say those are evaluated and sometimes lead to an arrest.

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