County proposes solution for Abacoa intersection

County proposes solution for Abacoa intersection

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The accidents are piling up and the county is looking for a solution. Palm Beach County is offering a proposal to keep drivers safe, but it would be the first of its kind in the county.

If you live in Abacoa, you know about the intersection that's causing confusion and concern.

"On a daily basis, people are going the wrong way," said Molly Hodgkins, who lives near the University Boulevard and Central Boulevard intersection.

One way traffic going north and south on Central Boulevard does not stop. At University Boulevard, drivers going east and west have two stop signs before crossing the intersection. Jupiter Town Council member Ilan Kaufer said a steady number of crashes on the Palm Beach County Road as the town pushing for a solution.

"It's always frustrating that you can't get things done overnight, but sometimes it takes a little while to do it right," said Council member Kaufer.

The county's proposal is to turn the intersection into a roundabout, but it would be the first of its kind in Palm Beach County. It would have two lanes for north and south travel, one lane going east and west and drivers would have to yield to the driver in the roundabout first.

"Honestly, people struggle with these roundabouts as it is because they're two lanes, but you can only turn out of one lane. People are always cutting each other off, said Molly Hodgkins, who lives nearby the intersection.

Council member Kaufer believes the proposal is a start, but the problem is, the project may not even be completed for another two years.

"I would love if the county could accelerate their plans a little," added Kaufer.

Others in the community don't believe the intersection is all that confusing, but will stand behind a roundabout if it will help reduce the speed on Central Boulevard.

"If it fixes it, it fixes it, if not you can't fix stupid," said Sam Frontera who lives near the intersection.

A county engineer said rumble strips was also mentioned as a possible temporary solution, but said it would not work at the specific intersection because it's in a residential area. Town council members are also looking for other temporary solutions until the proposal moves forward.

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