Wandering Lox cancer patient thanks neighbors

Wandering Lox cancer patient thanks neighbors

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At Hot Pie Pizza in Royal Palm Beach, fundraising nights are nothing new.

Thursday night was a little different, however.

That's because it was a chance for Dave Stewart to say what he's been waiting weeks to say in person — Thank You.

"I didn't know what to think. I've never seen anything like this," he says.

Dave has a lot to be thankful for.

Back in May Dave, who is battling stage four throat cancer, wandered to a Loxahatchee man's doorstep, disoriented with no home to go to.

"I was walking around barefoot, bleeding and all cut up," he says.

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That neighbor, Clint Berryhill, posted his picture to social media, and hoped someone would identify the stranger and help.
Help soon came in donations of food, shelter and hope.
For the first time since that May day, Dave got to show his appreciation. 
That appreciation shared by his family, which was flown in from New Jersey, courtesy of The American Cancer Society and Relay for Life of Western Palm Beach County.
“The man above…he got him lost so he could be found,” Dave’s niece Lisa Flagg says.
A month ago Dave Stewart says he felt alone. 
Now he knows he'll never feel that way again.
“Now I have all these people behind me…and it feels great.”

The fundraiser Thursday night raised almost $3,000 for Dave.

Dave says he has a way to go in his battle with cancer.

However, he says has every intention of "kicking cancer's butt."

With all the people rooting for him now, he says there's no way he can lose.

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