SLCSO starts swim camp; free pool alarm

SLCSO starts swim camp; free pool alarm

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Eleven-year-old Savanna Sands is one of 23 kids preparing to complete the lessons. Her mom is Tisa.

"She was a little afraid to even go under water. She was used to holding her nose. Versus now, she has a lot of confidence, she swimming, she's going under water and not holding her nose, Tisa says.

There's another new program out there to upgrade pool safety at home.

"It's a layer of protection for your swimming pool," says Adam Jones who's in charge of  aquatics and safety for St. Lucie County.

He's talking about a pool alarm.

"It's a very simple concept," he says.

The pool alarm is two magnets that don't like being away from each other. Starting Monday, if you have a home pool, one is yours if you want it for free.

"If a little one goes out and you have a pool and they go out the door and you're inside cooking or what not, you're going to hear that alarm," he says.

You can't miss the sound when it goes off. They'll come to your house to set them for you too, all free.

If you don't live in St. Lucie County, and want one, they'll help you out.

Call this number: 772-462-3501 if you're interested.

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