4Th of July from 3 different perspectives

4Th of July from 3 different perspectives

It's America's signature move when night falls on the 4th of July. Terry Stanley hasn't missed a fireworks show here in, well, a while.

"Forever, too many to count," she says. "I served our country in the service so it's a really important holiday for me. One of my favorites."

She's front row for the fireworks among new friends.

"This is Kelly, she's our friend for about 5 minutes now, from the UK," Terry says, introducing us.

It's Kelly Jensen's first Independence Day.

"I thought it would be a bunch of drunk teenagers everywhere but it's really not," Kelly says. "We were driving around the streets and they were deserted. And we came around the corner and everyone was here. It was really nice to see."

And then there's Basil Barnes.

"I'm from Jamaica, yeah," he says. "I lived in New York until '92."

That's where he celebrated our nation's 200th birthday in 1976.

"You had the Statue of Liberty showing the freedom of the people that came to this country, migrated to this country and I thought that was great because I migrated myself," he says.

Today, America turned 241.

"In the scope of things, were a young nation," Kelly says. "I think we're in our teenage years and still kind of struggling a little bit but I see great things for our country."

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