Hearing held in suit against Venus Williams

Hearing held in suit against Venus Williams

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There is new information in the deadly crash involving tennis superstar Venus Williams.

The Palm Beach Gardens Police released newly obtained surveillance video that have detectives taking a second look at who may be to blame for the crash.

The original police investigation determined Williams was at fault. However, crash detectives did not have this video, so the investigation continues.

Meanwhile, the wrongful death lawsuit against Williams also continues.

Friday afternoon, attorneys for both Williams and the Barson family were in court  to determine how best to handle and preserve the evidence contained within the cars.

"The tragedy of Mr. Barson's death has taken a devastating toll on Mrs. Barson, her health and wellbeing," said the Barson's attorney Gary Iscoe.

They are suing tennis star Venus Williams for wrongful death.

This stems from a deadly car accident in Palm Beach Gardens last month.

Police originally found Williams at fault in a car crash that killed 78-year-old Jerome Barson, who died from his injuries 13 days later.

Now with new video of the crash available, Palm Beach Gardens Police said their initial investigation now continues.

"We are confident that the evidence will show Ms. Williams was at fault," said Iscoe after the court hearing.

"She was correctly entering and exiting that intersection, that's what it's going to show," said Malcolm Cunningham, William's attorney.

Friday, both sides came to an agreement, with the help of the court, on how to move forward with inspecting the cars and downloading each cars' black box information, then how to share that evidence between the parties.

Williams' attorney told us while Venus is distraught, she was following the rules of the road.

"This is very unfortunate and somebody died and she's distraught about it," said Cunningham.  "But she still entered that intersection on a green light."

Neither Williams nor the Barson family was in court Friday.

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