Ticket over the weekend isn't mayor's first

Ticket over the weekend isn't mayor's first

Riviera Beach Mayor Thomas Masters was cited over the weekend for speeding, and unknowingly driving without a valid driver's license and Contact 5 discovered that this isn't the first time he has been handed a traffic ticket.

His lawyer called the most recent citation a "possible paperwork error."

According to Palm Beach County court records, Masters has had his license briefly suspended 4 times since 2014.

They were a result of failing to comply with traffic court.

Most suspensions lasted only two days, while one suspension lasted two months.

Palm Beach County court records also show Masters has been ticketed 8 times for traffic violations, dating back to 1999. Two were dropped by the officer who wrote the tickets.

Those violations included not wearing a seat belt, speeding and parking on a crosswalk.

His last ticket in Palm Beach County was issued in March 2015. The last suspension, according to records we have, was in October 2015 for two days.

Contact 5 is working to obtain the rest of Masters' driving records from the state to understand why his license may have been invalid when he was stopped this weekend.

Over the weekend, the mayor's attorney, Richard Ryles, said Masters will contest the citation. Ryles said there may have been a paperwork error with the mayor's license that could have caused it to be invalid.

Neither Masters nor Ryles was available to comment Monday.

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