Could Narcan be in schools in the future?

Could Narcan be in schools in the future?

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Do schools in our viewing area need to have a life-saving drug available?

Akron, Ohio school leaders are considering doing just that.

Narcan is what first responders use to save people from overdosing.

Advocates in South Florida are pushing to at least talk about having Narcan in schools here because of the growing number of kids prescribed legal pain killers.

Maureen Kielian has experienced it first-hand.

"My son became addicted to legally prescribed opioids," says Kielian.

Maureen who is with South Florida Recovery Advocates is pushing for schools to have Narcan.

"We are on it. We just need cooperation from our leaders to save lives," says Kielian.

Currently there is no Narcan in Florida schools.

Palm Beach County Commissioner Hal Valeche knows funding could be an issue, but saving lives is more important.

"What's the cost of a human life and you really can't try to equate putting a monetary value on saving somebody's life," says Valache.

He plans to meet with local law enforcement and school leaders about this possibility.

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