Fort Pierce Utilities Authority director fired

Fort Pierce Utilities Authority director fired

UPDATE: By a vote of 3-2 the Fort Pierce Utilities Authority terminated Clay Lindstrom's contract 'without cause' (for losing confidence in director).

15 people spoke in favor of the director, including employees praising his leadership and team building.

Several accusations were thrown around by board members about Lindstrom including accusing him of withholding information and creating a hostile work environment.

Lindstrom was the director for two and a half years. He was not given an opportunity to speak or respond.


The board of the Fort Pierce Utilities Authority is meeting Thursday morning to discuss the fate of director Clay Lindstrom.

WPTV has learned dozens of businesses got away with not paying deposits to turn on utility service. That lack of payment could trickle down to rate payers to foot the bill.

Lindstrom said he doesn't know how those businesses slipped through the cracks.

Now, it could cost him his job, as the board debates his contract status.

More than 50 people, including utility Authority  employees, attended the meeting.

A total of 15 people spoke during public comment, all of whom said they support of the director.

Employees talked about his leadership and team building. They say he has opened his home to them for holidays and cares a lot about them.

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